Facebook does e-mail?!

TL;WR Check your facebook profile, and check if your e-mail contact hasn’t changed into an facebook.com e-mail address.

I haven’t used facebook actively in over a half year now. But I do like to receive an e-mail or two of people wanting to get in touch with me. It is still my preferred way to communicate. Mostly because people put an effort in writing an e-mail. Not always the case unfortunately.

To my bewilderment I received a notification that somebody had sent me an e-mail via the facebook profile I use. It was however just a notification. And, apparently it was sent to a [user]@facebook.com e-mail address. The e-mail itself looked legit. I logged in on my facebook profile without clicking any links provided in the notification e-mail and noticed that somebody had sent me an e-mail to my facebook.com  e-mail add… Hang on, I have a facebook.com e-mail address?!?

So that’s new. Facebook does e-mail. I never new they had the desire or ambition to become a hotmail/gmail.

The next question I asked myself why somebody would send me a message via an e-mail to an address I had never advertised in the first place! And that question was answered quickly by checking my information section on my profile.

Facebook had changed my personal contact information.

There is no way I can justify facebook tampering with the methods how I want to be contacted. Some call it a MITM attack, but would only be the case if the facebook.com e-mail address would have be a forwarding address from the get go. And I don’t believe that was the case. I find it above all very sad that Facebook doesn’t announce these changes on their Facebook.com/blog.


I would like the conclude with an advice; check your contact information on facebook.com, on a regular basis!



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