CPanel shared webshosting comes in two flavours; Small & Large.The difference is the amount of diskspace, traffic and price.

  • Small = 150Mb, 10Gb traffic, €65 per year.
  • Large = 500Mb, 75Gb traffic, €120 per year.

You can get support via the contact form on our website or in Cpanel. Or write us an e-mail and send it to support[at]oznb.org.


  • Add extra domains (no extra hosting charge)
  • Add amazing amounts of e-mail addresses
  • Add more subdomains than you really need
  • Use it as a landing-page (or add-revenue site)
  • Administrate your DNS (full zone-file control)
  • Add as many e-mail addresses as you need!
  • At least 1 mysql database (large has 20)
The majority of the people who have registered for a webhosting package with any hosting company has seen either DirectAdmin or CPanel as administrative interface. Our choice was Cpanel. Perhaps with our second shared hosting server we can try DirectAdmin. But that depends on your feedback.If there are any elements missing (tools or features), give us a shout and we will look into it.All support queries are done via e-mail (in either Dutch or English). If possible (and needed), we will write up a manual/howto based on the e-mail conversation and post it on our website. On the internet we need rules. Those rules apply to all our customers and participants.We host our servers in the Netherlands, Sciencepark Amsterdam. Which means we are bound by Dutch law.And the third main rule-set is our common sense. If a customer feels he needs to push the limits consistently we will have to end the service and wish the customer luck in finding a new hosting company.We don’t do refunds.

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