OZNB Partners get FUP hosting!

tl;wr : All partners of OZNB can now order FUP shared hosting accounts (75 euro’s per year (ex VAT)). To become a partner, drop us a line!

It has been a long time since we posted a nice little update on what we would believe you might find interesting to read. Alas, time constraints have become problematic. That said, we all have time-constraints. I blame Stephen Hawking that his time-travel experiment failed, he should have written his invitation in advance, right? But mister Hawking, if I might ask you for a favor, how about you extend our 8 hour day with an extra 10 hours or so? Please? Thank you!

Questions you might probably know the answer to are called rhetorical. Lets try such a question in our field of work;

“FUP means unlimited, and thus unlimited resources, right?!”

The answer is: No, FUP stands for “Fair Use Policy”, and although it resembles an all-you-can-eat-buffet, it isn’t. It is a policy which can be defined in multiple ways. For an ISP it’s a description they use so they are legally allowed to oversubscribe your internet connection and/or limit the amount of traffic you generate. The assumption that FUP is unlimited comes from the lack of monitoring on who is downloading like a nutter and causing excessive traffic. This lack of monitoring that I speak of is often (if not always) by design. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it might just be a pigeon.


FUP with OZNB means what it is. It is only for OZNB partners, and those partnerships are based on a personal agreement. Tailor made. If we can be part of the success of a new and upcoming website that will eventually grow to such an extend it requires a dedicated server we have achieved our goal. That is what we believe an FUP should be used for. A steppingstone to a bigger and perhaps better website/community.

Our constraints are put in place by a simple yet effective method called: communication. Requests for extra databases, e-mail accounts and all of the sorts, you are required to get in touch with us (and we’ll be fine with giving you more, up to a certain extend of-course).


Specs: FUP Shared webhosting

  • Diskspace (FUP)
  • Traffic (FUP)
  • 1 database (if you need more, send us a mail)
  • enough e-mail accounts (if you need more, send us a mail)

Hosting is done on a linux server, php5, mysql5, apache 2, and we generally upgrade the box on a regular basis unless there are security issues, than we do it on the fly as soon as we can.

Resources, our resources, are not limitless. It’s shared. A good website runs on a server, but also on a solid business plan. You need to have a plan ready when your website reaches “critical mass”. We won’t stop there, we will offer you all the help we can provide. This includes brainstorming on how to monetize on your success, but also on what specific resources you need (just bandwidth? more cpu power? storage? all of the above?).

Talk to us.. we promise that we won’t geek out over the technical possibilities straight away!


Need an example? Have we done this before? But ofcourse! Three examples;

Marceting Media; well over 50 websites (webshops, hotels and some famous Dutch locals (singers, football players)). It has been a pleasure working with Marceting Media for almost 2 years.

Codip International B.V.; well over a 150 domain names, a couple of websites and dedicated server hosting. Although the technical difficulties were challenging we managed to offer a stable specific service to everybody in Codip International B.V.

Lucille Werner Foundation; perhaps we could qualify this as a simple website hosting, yet all e-mail communication is served by us as well. As this is a website supported and run by an amazing individual who has accomplished a lot, we are pleased to offer her a trouble and care-free hosting environment.

I could go on.. but, we all need to go back to work.


Get in touch with us if you think we might be the partner you need!